Bletchley park

Bletchley Park also known as 'Station X', was home to the famous codebreakers of the Second World War and the birthplace of modern computing and communications. It is now a heritage site run by a charitable Trust with historic buildings, exhibitions and tours for visitors The Mansion houses the extensive Churchill Memorabilia Collection, the Toy Museum and the Post Office famous for its first day covers. Follow the Cryptology Trail, the trail of a coded message from its interception to decode and interpretation. See the famous Enigma Machine which was the main coding device for German armed forces and rail system. They believed its codes were unbreakable.Enigma Machine Some of the finest brains in Britain were assembled at Bletchley Park for the sole purpose of breaking the Enigma codes. No visit to Bletchley Park is complete without a guided tour. Experienced guides give you a real insight into the work that went on here and the secrecy surrounding it until a few years ago Take a virtual tour of Bletchley Park through the website at Check out  

Home of codebreaking during World War II.  


Bletchley Park off Wilton Avenue, Bletchley, MK3 6EF Tel: (01908) 640404 Facilities Picnic area, refreshments, free parking Disabled Facilities for disabled access